Our Mission

Our mission is to become the world leader in the sustainable manufacture of KLH and use our unique, proprietary methods and intellectual property to serve the growing demand for KLH in immunotherapy.

We want to build value for our partners, customers and shareholders by applying our Stellar KLH™ expertise in the fast-growing immunotherapy arena.  To do this, we transformed aquaculture science into world-class KLH manufacturing and we actively seek alliances to power and improve the KLH-based programs of other companies. 

As a biotechnology company and leading KLH manufacturer, we are focused on the commercial expansion of Stellar KLH™ products and the clinical advancement of KLH-based immunotherapies against cancer, immune disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and inflammatory disease.

As a public company, we are committed to transforming these commercial and clinical objectives into value for our shareholders.

Unique, World-Leading Technology

  • Stellar Biotechnologies developed the proprietary ability to ensure sustainable, environmentally sound supply of the important molecule KLH.

Fast-Growing Biopharma Sector

  • Stellar KLH™ products and technology target the rapidly-evolving active immunotherapy arena.

Strong Growth Roadmap

  • Stellar KLH™ technology provides the basis for multiple commercial pathways with long-term revenue and clinical potential.

Environmental Advantage

  • Our ground-breaking work in aquaculture science revolutionized KLH production while protecting its natural marine source.

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